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Friday Jun 05 2020

First doctor who died from coronavirus in Saudi Arabia hails from Pakistan

Photo courtesy: Arab news Agency

The first health professional in Saudi Arabia to lose life against the deadly coronavirus hailed from Pakistan, according a news report published on Friday.

The UAE-based Arab News  reported that Pakistani surgeon named Naeem Chaudhry is the first doctor in Saudi Arabia who has succumbed to the virus while battling out the contagion on the front line.

"General Surgeon Dr Naeem Chaudhry was working in a local hospital in Makkah and had died two days ago in the holy city," the agency reported.

Lamenting that the  city of Makkah has lost a talented surgeon, Director General of the Health Department of Makkah, Dr Wail Hamza said that the demise of Dr Chaudhry is extremely saddening.

He paid homage to Dr Chaudhry and noted that he had played an integral role in the front line fight against the pandemic in the country.

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"He contracted coronavirus virus while performing his duties although he was only suffering with the ailment of high blood pressure," Hamza regretted.

Dr Chaudhry is survived by a wife and three daughters.

It is pertinent to note that with the relaxation of lockdown in Saudi Arabia, the number of coronavirus cases have surge past 93,000, where as over 700 people have lost their lives to the deadly virus across the Kingdom.