Saturday Oct 10 2020
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Pak Army will continue to support govt in the national interest: Gen Bajwa

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KAKUL: Chief of Army Staff General Qamar Bajwa on Saturday said the Pakistan Army will continue to support the government in line with the Consitution and in the "national interest".

The army chief was addressing the passing out ceremony of 142nd PMA Long Course, 32nd Technical Graduate Course, 61st Integrated Course, 16th Lady Cadet Course and 1st Basic Military Training Course.

Cadets from Palestine, Maldives, Qatar and Sri Lanka were also among those passing out.

"Our actions are guided by the Constitution and the national interest of Pakistan. You will appreciate that today Pakistan is, Alhamdullilah, secure from military point of view. We continue to support the Government, when ever asked to, as per the law and guidelines of the Constitution," Gen Bajwa said.

The army chief said that as is true for many countries, Pakistan was also subjected to wars, terrorism and economic strangulation.

"But Alhumdullauh we have survived. The enemies who brought us to doom and destruction are now watching us in disdain," said Gen Bajwa.

"Having failed and feeling frustrated they have now subjected us to a 24/7 hybrid war," he added.

Gen Bajwa said this war is "not fought in the battlefield but in the minds". In this new war, however, leadership at all levels is the target, he added.

The army chief said that he is satisfied that the institutions in the country are getting stronger.

He said that Pakistan paid a very heavy price to achieve peace and will maintain it at every cost.

“Pakistan has made great efforts for regional and global peace, according to Quaid's vision,” said Gen Bajwa.

“It was a difficult journey but the satisfaction is that today our institutions are getting stronger and working together to serve Pakistan,” the army chief added.

Gen Bajwa, addressing the cadets said: "Today marks the most cherished moment of your lives. You’ve proved yourself worthy for a noble yet a demanding profession."

"Today is the start of your career. You must realise that peace is not an end in itself," he said.

Gen Bajwa asked the cadets to always remember "we are all soldiers of Pakistan regardless of our caste, creed, sect and ethnicity". He said all soldiers will always stand together as one and that is the true strength of any force.

"The objective of hybrid war is to target the sense of hope in Pakistan and to perpetuate the perception of 'yahan kuch acha naheen ho sakta (nothing good can ever happen here)'."

"Let me tell you 'yahan sab acha hoga (everything good will happen here)."

The army chief expressed his resolve that Pakistan will find a way out of any crisis that comes its way and will carve out a great name for itself.

"Do not confuse sincere criticism from hybrid war," he warned. "Most voices that might seem loud to you come from a place of love, patriotism and trust and therefore, must be heeded."

"We must listen to our people and apply correction where needed," Gen Bajwa said.

The army chief said that these voices are proof that we are alive and well as a nation that the country is moving in the right direction.

"Our strength is our strong bond with our people and the Constitution of our country," he said, adding that the army "shall defend this bond and our democratic values to the hilt".

Gen Bajwa said that today, Pakistan is secure from a military point of view.

"We will continue to support the government whenever asked to, as per the law and guidelines of the Constitution," said the army chief.

He said that Pakistanis have proved that "we can do wonders when we keep our national interest above our parochial, institutional and personal interests".

"Pakistan Army is proud to support the nation as it has always supported us, especially when we were fighting the physical enemies of Pakistan."

He told the cadets: "You will have to stand firm in very difficult times but stand you must."

He cautioned them against being complacent when close to the finish line.

Gen Bajwa congratulated the cadets on the memorable day and offered his felicitations to the proud parents.