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Wednesday Nov 25 2020
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Shaniera Akram reveals why golf is 'perfect' for couples

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Activist Shaniera Akram (left) poses wit her husband Wasim Akram. — Instagram

Shaniera Akram has revealed to fans why golf is a "perfect" sport for couples.

"Golf: if your['re] not allowed to talk to each other then there should be absolutely no reason to argue! Perfect," Shaniera wrote on Instagram, underneath a photo of the happy couple at a golf course.

Shaniera was apparently referring to the unwritten golfing rule of not speaking while another player is about to swing.

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Meanwhile, sports anchorperson Zainab Abbas, who recently celebrated her first wedding anniversary, said: "Please tell Hamza (her husband) that too. Golf is his 'me' time."

To which Shaniera said: "Haha! he forfeited that right when he said 'Qubool hai'."