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Thursday Dec 03 2020
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Sheikh Rasheed tops list of ministers people dissatisfied with: survey

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(L to R) information minister Shibli Faraz, foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, and railways minister Sheikh Rasheed. —

Nearly half of the respondents of a survey said that they are not satisfied with Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed's performance. 

The survey, conducted by Pulse Consultant, revealed that 46% of the respondents are unhappy with Rasheed's performance, whereas 25% said they were satisfied, 18% said that they were not sure, and 10% did not have any opinion about it.

Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Shibli Faraz was next in the list of ministers with whom respondents of the survey were not particularly happy, with 44% of the participants saying they were dissatisfied with his performance and 25% saying that they were satisfied with it. Twenty-one percent said they were "in-between" satisfied and dissatisfied while 10% did not have an opinion.

The Pulse Consultant survey also found out that 42% of the respondents were dissatisfied with Abdul Hafeez Sheikh's performance as the prime minister's advisor on finance, with 26% saying they were satisfied and 22% opining they were "in-between" the two opinions. Of the respondents, 10% said they did not have any opinion on the matter. 

Among the four ministers, Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi secured the highest approval ratings as 30% said they were satisfied with his performance as Pakistan's top diplomat. 

However, 38% of the participants expressed dissatisfaction with the foreign minister, 24% were "in between" the two opinions, and 7% did not have an opinion.

Provincial govts' performance

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's government emerged as one whose performance was relatively popular with respondents as 41% expressed satisfaction with it. 

A larger chunk of respondents, however, were not happy with the provincial government's performance as 51% said they were not satisfied with the KP government's performance, 7% were in between, and 1% did not have an opinion.


After KPK, Balochistan government came in second place as 37% of the respondents said they were happy with its performance, while 35% were dissatisfied, 20% said they were "in between", and 8% did not have an opinion.


The survey revealed that the Punjab government's performance was able to satisfy only 34% of the respondents while 47% said they were dissatisfied, 16% expressed that they were "in between", and 3% did not have an opinion.


The Sindh government did not find itself in a good spot in the survey as a huge chunk — 60% of the respondents — said they were dissatisfied with its performance while only 19% said they were satisfied. Of the respondents, 17% said they were "in between" while 4% stated they did not have an opinion on the provincial government's performance.

The survey consisted of 2,011 participants and was conducted via CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonic Interviews).

The margin of error stands at +/-2.06%.