Tuesday Jan 05 2021
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'Melania will divorce Donald Trump before summer'

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US President Donald Trump waves to the camera as First Lady Melania Trump smiles beside him. Photo: AFP
  • Psychics predict Melania will divorce Donald Trump "before the summer"
  • Trump to become "huge driving force" again, say psychics
  • Melania will date a prominent business figure again but keep it private

Multiple psychics have predicted that Melania Trump will divorce her husband, US President Donald Trump within a few months. 

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Providing a series of predictions for the new year, a panel of the have said that First Lady Melania Trump will look to divorce her husband "before the summer".

Another psychic and numerologist said that there would be "upheaval" in the Trump household at the same time. 

The panel also spoke about the first lady, saying that Melania will move on quickly from Donald Trump and will date "another prominent business figure" before the end of the year but will keep mum about it. 

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Trump to 'rise up and be a huge driving force in the world'

After the initial setback, the stars will align for Trump again, say the psychics. According to the panel, the business magnate and current US president is likely to "go silent for two months" before he rises as an influential leader again. 

“He will then rise up and be a huge driving force in the world - bigger and with more influence than he had as President,” the panel said.

The panel said that Donald Trump will also be working on a tell-all book which will feature many behind-the-scenes moments of what went down at the White House during his presidency. 

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According tp the predictions, the US president will have no qualms calling out certain individuals "for their corrupt ways" after the harsh media campaign he had faced during his stint as president. 

“What he has to say, and what he reveals, is going to shock and scare the political and business world," said the panel. 

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, another numerologist had predicted some 'upheaval' in Trump's life. Popularly known as "The Numbers Queen", Sarah Yip had said that Trump's "numbers also suggest changes in his home life (peaking March-April-May 2021) due to his 6 Personal Year". 

She said that Melania Trump and her son with the US president, Barron Trump, also had an 'upheaval' in their charts. 

“This could suggest a move in residence and/or family and marriage transitions," she had said. 

Melania Trump waiting for Donald Trump to leave office so she can divorce him: report

A day after Donald Trump's defeat in the 2020 US presidential elections, a former aide to the first lady had claimed that Melania Trump was counting every minute to divorce the president, the Daily Mail had reported.

Fellow ex-aide Omarosa Manigault Newman had claimed the couple's 15-year marriage was over. "Melania is counting every minute until he is out of the office and she can divorce," the report had said.

The source had said that Melania Trump was waiting for her husband to leave the White House as she did not want to humiliate him. "If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while he's in office, he [Donald Trump] would find a way to punish her," the report had cited Newman.