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Thursday Jan 14 2021

Petitioner in case against Shahbaz Gill 'falsified documents'

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill. — Photo courtesy Twitter

The petitioner who has filed a suit against Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Shahbaz Gill has himself been accused of fraud and forgery.

Gill has filed a counter suit against Tahir Mubin over alleged fraud and falsification of documents.

Police have also arrested Mubin after an initial investigation.

A defamation suit was filed against the premier's aide by the local officials of a foreign company who accused Gill of levelling allegations of corruption and kickbacks in a contract to operate the Lahore Metro Bus service.

A copy of the FIR filed by Shahbaz Gill.

The charge brought against Mubin and a senior official of Platform Turizm, according to a first information report (FIR), is that they filed a case against Gill on behalf of the company without the clearance from the company's board of directors, even though they submitted documents in court claiming that the authorisation had been given.

Gill has claimed that the authority letter handed to the court supporting the authorisation was fraudulent.

Gill has argued that the signatures of one of the people in the authority letter appeared to be doctored as the individual in question was not even in Pakistan when the letter was signed.