Wednesday Apr 07 2021

NA-75: What are the issues that plague the constituency?


The much-anticipated by-election in the NA-75 Sialkot-IV constituency is only three days away (on April 10), as per the new date set by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

By-polls in the constituency were initially held on February 19, 2021 but had to be declared null and void after results in 20 polling stations were suspected to be "tampered with".

The constituency is made up of the Daska tehsil and the Pasrur village.

Geo News reached out to the constituents to find out what issues plague their areas of residence.

A chat with locals revealed a severe shortage of educational institutions, in proportion to the area's population.

The Daska THQ Hospital also lacks a trauma centre.

"The healthcare situation here is bad," remarked one resident.

Furthermore, whether it is the city area or the village, broken, dilapidated roads and a crumbling sewerage works system add to the citizens' woes.

Even clean drinking water is not widely accessible.

"Come monsoon season, when it rains even a little bit, the entire city turns into a dam," said a young man.

"The urban and rural areas, both, are severely in need of attention," said another.

Adding to all these problems, is the non-availability of SUI gas.

The city's public parks lie neglected and there are no sports grounds for the more athletically inclined.

For decades, the people of Daska have awaited a saviour. Although many are contesting the polls this year, all eyes will be on two candidates: PTI's Ali Asjad Malhi and PML-N's Syeda Nosheen Iftikhar.

In the past, the citizens voted after being made fanciful promises. This time, they say they will think hard before casting the ballot.