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Thursday Apr 08 2021
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Rohail Hayatt sides with PM Imran Khan over rape, modesty comments

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Pakistani music producer Rohail Hayatt has put his weight behind Prime Minister Imran Khan over his views on modesty and rape culture.

The premier had come under fire after he linked "fahashi," or vulgarity, with the concerning rise in cases of sexual violence, including rape.

His comments came during a session wherein he was taking calls from the public when a citizen had asked what the PTI government planned to do in the light of rising incidents of sexual violence, especially against children.

The Vital Signs member took to Twitter to express side with the former cricketer saying that Khan's words "have been taken out of context". 

"I believe @ImranKhanPTI words have been taken out of context and a big ruckus created by the so-called champions of Freedom and Liberty. He’s clearly condemning rape and giving a message that going out of the boundaries of modesty invites trouble and who can deny this fact?" he wrote. 

"They are both the same actually. Extremists! Both shout to kill the other and they both hate everything except their own ways. One wants to cover from head to toe and the other want to strip-down from head to toe as a display of their preferences.

"Modesty is not an extreme. It’s a centred concept if one should want to contemplate the idea. I’d advise people to try to bring themselves to the middle ground and not get caught up with the play of either ‘extremists’. Just watch the mud fly by and duck when necessary," he concluded. 

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