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Tuesday Apr 20 2021
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Mehwish Hayat reveals Jennifer Aniston-starrer ‘Friends’ is her favourite show

Web Desk
Mehwish Hayat reveals Jennifer Aniston starrer ‘Friends’ is her favourite show

Pakistani superstar Mehwish Hayat has revealed that Jennifer Aniston's sitcom Friends is her favourite show.

The Load Wedding actress disclosed this as she raised her voice for royalties to be given to Pakistani artists upon the re-runs of dramas.

Using #giveroyaltiestoartists hashtag, Mehwish Hayat said, “Royalties must be paid to artistes on all re-runs, foreign and cross platform sales and merchandising as is the case everywhere else in the world.”

She further said, “Actors on my fav show “Friends” for example make more out of royalties each year than the original fees they were paid.”

“Bottom line - Artistes need to be valued! #giveroyaltiestoartists,” she concluded.