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Friday Apr 23 2021
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2 inches could make all the difference in preventing the spread of COVID-19

Web Desk

Did you know that without properly wearing a mask, you are merely two inches away from from catching COVID-19?

As the third coronavirus wave continues to be punishingly more contagious and lethal, experts are reminding populations around the world that the use of a mask is the only saving grace in such a dire situation.

In Pakistan, however, it appears people have vowed not to take the threat seriously. They are seen displaying a lackadaisical attitude in the face of an increasingly worrying situation.

There are those who simply think wearing one is unnecessary. And there are those who have one on, but two inches too low, on their chins instead of over their nose.

Then there are those who have it on correctly, covering their nose, but then for some strange reason, take it off while talking to someone. As if a conversation can only take place when both people behold each other's faces.

A man with a mask on his chin stands at the entrance of his shop for medical and fitness supplies displaying a precautionary sign for the customers as the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues, in Karachi, Pakistan December 8, 2020. — Reuters/Akhtar Soomro

Health experts have repeatedly characterised proper mask wearing as the most important aspect in the battle against coronavirus. It is one that people need to assimilate into the normal course of their daily living.

The difference between catching coronavirus and staying protected, is therefore, a question of merely two inches. It is important to remember that to keep the virus at bay, wearing a mask — and wearing it as advised — may prove to be the single most important weapon you can use in your defence.

So do your part to stop the spread. Wear a mask. And wear it properly.