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Thursday Apr 29 2021
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On Irrfan Khan's first death anniversary, wife recalls his undying legacy

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Irrfan Khan's wife Sutapa Sikdar thinks he is alive in all the memories he has left behind

It has been one year since Irrfan Khan passed away after succumbing to colon cancer. 

The actor's wife, Sutapa Sikdar, however still thinks he is alive in all the memories he has left behind. 

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Sutapa shared, “Irrfan insisted on reflecting upon every action and that’s what has been very helpful — the process of letting go, of not making hue and cry of small worries, remembering him that if he could handle a fatal disease why am I making a big deal about the smallest of things,” the brave-heart woman said. 

“He’s like a fragrance. He floats in my house. He’s alive in my house, and anyone coming to my house doesn’t feel he is no more,” shared the writer.

Sutapa further confessed that the biggest lesson she has learnt after Irrfan's demise is “when time comes everyone has to go”. 

However, she added, it has only made her stronger, as she knows she has no one to fall back upon. “My singular status has made me less complacent, more aware and alert,” she said.