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Tuesday May 11 2021
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Pakistani celebrities voice support for Palestine following Israel Al-Aqsa Mosque attack

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Pakistani celebrities take to their social media platforms to stand in solidarity with Palestinians. 

Pakistani celebrities have voiced their outrage over the attacks by Israeli forces on worshipers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Palestine. 

At least 80 people were injured, including minors and a one-year-old, and 14 were taken to hospital, the Palestine Red Crescent said. Israeli police said at least one officer was hurt.

Tensions have mounted in the city throughout the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, amid growing anger over the potential eviction of Palestinians from Jerusalem homes on land claimed by Jewish settlers.

People from across the globe have condemned the attack and demanded world leaders to step up.

In a similar fashion, Pakistani celebrities too have expressed their anger over the tragic incident. 

Actress Neelam Muneer Khan penned a touching prayer pleading for the end of violence on Muslims. 

Actor Sami Khan condemned that attack calling it "unacceptable".  

Singer Farhan Saeed pointed fingers at the silence of world leaders over the apparent "terrorism" taking place in Palestine. 

Actor Feroze Khan voiced his support with the hashtag "#IsraeliAttackonAlAqsa". 

Singer Asim Azhar also expressed how "sick and disgusted" he felt over "Israel's continuous oppression" while pointing out the world's silence.  

Meanwhile, actress Naimal Khawar Khan urged her followers to share and speak up about the atrocities happening in Palestine.