Sunday Jun 06 2021
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Shopkeepers who want to reopen businesses need to get vaccinated: CM Sindh

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  • If someone wants to reopen schools, he/she should ensure all teachers are vaccinated, says CM Murad Ali Shah. 
  • Shah repeats warning for government employees; those who do not get vaccinated will not be paid salaries. 
  • Decisions are taken with consensus in coronavirus task force meetings, says Shah. 

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Sunday said that any shopkeeper who wants to reopen his shop or resume his business should get vaccinated. 

The Sindh chief minister was speaking at the Expo Centre in Karachi, where another hall has been turned into a vaccination centre. The chief minister was speaking at its inauguration ceremony. 

Shah expressed the hope that soon, life would return to normal in Sindh and restrictions on business and other fields will come to an end. 

He said that as restrictions will be relaxed and businesses and educational institutions will reopen, the provincial government will impose certain conditions to ward off the infection's threat. 

He said shopkeeper who want to reopen their shops will be asked to get the coronavirus jab and get their staff vaccinated as well. The chief minister said if a school wanted to be reopened, the management will be required to get all teachers and staff members vaccinated. 

"We will require proof of it [vaccination as well]," he said.

"Everyone should get vaccinated; the government employees who don't get themselves vaccinated will not be paid salaries," he warned. 

He urged people to keep following coronavirus SOPs even after getting vaccinated and help the government battle the pandemic. 

The chief minister of Sindh acknowledged that Karachi was still reporting a lot of cases each day. However, he said the coronavirus positivity ratio of the metropolis had declined. 

"If someone wants to reopen a school, then he/she must ensure all teachers are vaccinated. Similarly, if a shopkeeper wants to reopen his shop, he must get the vaccine jab," said the chief minister. 

Shah paid tribute to the frontline healthcare workers, saying that their efforts to battle the pandemic were commendable. Speaking about his own government's vaccination initiatives, the Sindh chief minister said the provincial government had vaccinated 75% of the police officers. 

Speaking about the decision-making processes when it comes to coronavirus, the Sindh chief minister said everyone, from doctors, to Rangers and other relevant figures are part of the coronavirus task force. 

"All decisions taken with consensus in the task force," he said, apologising to the masses for any convenience caused to them.