Saturday Jul 17 2021
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Leaders whose assets are abroad will never take a stand for Kashmiris: PM Imran Khan

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Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing an election rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmirs Bagh, on July 17, 2021. — YouTube/HumNewsLive
Prime Minister Imran Khan addressing an election rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmir's Bagh, on July 17, 2021. — YouTube/HumNewsLive

  • PM says if his assets were abroad, even he could not say "absolutely not" to the US.
  • "No nation can prosper if justice does not prevail," he says.
  • Opposition threatening government only to get NRO, PM reiterates.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said Saturday political leaders who have assets abroad "could never take a stand" for the people of Kashmir.

The premier, addressing a rally in Azad Jammu and Kashmir's Bagh area, said if he had assets abroad, then even he would have not been able to say "absolutely not" to the United States.

The premier, shedding light on the importance of the rule of law, said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had said that nations that do not have justice cease to exist.

"No nation can prosper if justice does not prevail," he said.

The premier reiterated that the Opposition parties were rallying against the government and threatening to overthrow it only to get concessions under the NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance) with the aim to keep the previous system intact, in which the laws were different for the rich.

"I meet a lot of Kashmiris abroad, especially in Britain. You can ask them whether a corrupt person in that country asks for an NRO. No prosperous nation has different laws for the rich and the poor," he said.

'Acting better than Bollywood stars'

"In no civilised society does a person — convicted by the supreme court — act as if they are better than Bollywood stars, provide fake medical tests and escape to Britain," he said, referring to PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif who went to London seeking medical treatment.

The prime minister said what the PTI-led government was doing for the rule of law can be termed "jihad" as never before in the history of the country were powerful people held accountable.

Shifting to the country's economic siituation the prime minister said past governments had never tried to make the country self-reliant, but the Pakistan of tomorrow would provide loans to poorer countries and refuse to take aid.

"The good times are near," he said.

RSS 'a danger to India'

The prime minister, praising the Kashmiris for their bravery, said he would not let them down, would become their voice, and raise their cause across the globe.

"The RSS ideology is a danger not only for Muslims, but India as well," he added.

Pakistan and Kashmir's relationship is based on Islamic principles, said the premier, adding that nations are "always built on ideologies, which helps them understand a cause greater than individual goals".

"Pakistan was based on Allama Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah's vision — and I want Kashmiris to be free so that they can live their lives in line with the Islamic ideology."

Health card in AJK

Sharing his vision for a Pakistan modelled after Madina, the premier said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was the first person to establish an Islamic welfare state, and the PTI-led government was trying to follow his teachings.

"Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has given all of its citizens the health card, Punjab will give health cards to all citizens by the end of this year, and we aim to provide it to all the citizens here in AJK as well," he said.

The premier said through the health insurance, families could get themselves treated at any hospital without worrying about money as each card provides for the use of Rs1 million.

PM Imran Khan said the PTI-led government had started a new scheme of providing cheap loans to salaried people, including mechanics, welders, etc. — the ones who were never befpre able to buy a house for themselves.

Moreover, he said interest-free loans would be provided to families who were extremely poor, so they can buy essential items, including motorbikes, fertilisers, etc.

"There are two types of economic models — the first is 'trickle-down', in which people at the top become rich and help others who earn lower than them. The other was seen in use by the state of Madina, in which the uplift of the poor is the priority."

Each person in a family will be given technical training and in today's world, technical education is crucial as it helps women earn while sitting at home, he said.

The premier reminded the people that Muslims had ruled the world for centuries as they had followed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)'s teachings.

"China has done the same, lifting 700 million people out of poverty to become the world's super power," he said.