Noor Mukadam asked me to bring Rs700,000 to Zahir Jaffer's house: driver

Case is under investigation, says police when asked if Noor was kidnapped for ransom

Ayaz Akbar Yousafzai
Noor Mukadam asked me to bring Rs700,000 to Zahir Jaffers house: driver

  • Noor Mukadam's driver says she called him from accused Zahir Jaffer's house and told him to bring Rs700,000.
  • She asked him not to tell her parents, says Khalil, Noor's driver.
  • On being asked if Noor was kidnapped for ransom, police said case is under investigation.

Noor Mukadam asked her driver to arrange Rs700,000 and bring it to the house of Zahir Jaffer, the main accused in her murder, Noor's driver told Geo News.

Khalil said, however, that he could only arrange Rs300,000. 

Khalil, Noor's driver, told Geo News that Noor called him and said that she immediately needed Rs700,000 and that her parents should not find out about it.

Noor Mukadam murder: Zahir Jaffer's name to be placed on ECL, says Sheikh Rasheed

According to the driver, he told Noor that he could not manage to bring Rs700,000. He said Noor told him it was important that he bring it and asked him to take it from a friend or arrange it from his acquaintances.

Khalil said he managed to collect Rs300,000 and on Monday afternoon, July 19, he reached Zahir Jaffer's house at the address given by Noor.

"When I called Noor Mukadam, she said she can't come out and to hand over the money to the cook," Khalil said. He then handed the money over to the domestic worker.

According to Khalil, he has identified the cook of accused Zahir in front of the police.

The driver also revealed that when Noor called him for the first time, she told him to tell her parents that she was going to Lahore. 

When Khalil went inside the house to tell her parents about Lahore, Noor's mother was already talking about the same thing with her husband. Noor's father was questioning why Noor was going to Lahore when it was Eid the next day, the driver said.

He added that he understood that Noor had called her mother about Lahore already and so he left without saying anything.

According to the investigating sources, Noor was in touch with her mother. Noor also spoke to her mother over the phone the day she was murdered (Tuesday, July 20) at 10am.

When Geo News contacted the police about the driver's statement and asked about a possible kidnapping and ransom, they replied that the case is under investigation.

Police recovers mobile phone of accused Zahir Jaffer

The Islamabad police have found the mobile phone of accused Zahir Jaffer, according to sources.

Sources said that the accused is in the custody of the police on physical remand. The police have not yet been able to record his statement under Section 164 f the Code of Criminal Procedure.

By law, a confession under 164 must be made before a magistrate.

Legal experts say that the confession of the accused in police custody has no legal status.

Sources said that the details of the CCTV footage available with the police have also come to light.

The CCTV footage showed Noor falling from the first floor and running towards a door, sources said. In the footage, Zahir is seen following Noor and then dragging her back inside.