Sunday Aug 08 2021
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Imran Ismail criticises Murtaza Wahab's appointment as Karachi administrator

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  • Sindh Governor Imran Ismail criticises Murtaza Wahab's appointment as Karachi's administrator. 
  • Ismail says PTI is against the appointment of an unelected person for the post. 
  • Governor Sindh says will not create hurdles in any project. 

Governor Sindh Imran Ismail has lashed out at the Sindh government for appointing Murtaza Wahab to the post of Karachi administrator, saying that the PPP leader was an unelected official. 

"Though the PPP raises slogans of democracy, it has appointed an unelected person as Karachi's administrator," said the governor.

"All stakeholders should have been taken on board prior to the appointment of a city's administrator."

However, when it came to solving the city's longstanding issues, Ismail said he would not create hurdles in the administrator's path. Ismail said he had also told the previous administrator that he would support him.

 "But, I am against the political appointment of an administrator," he said.

"We demanded the appointment of a neutral person for the post," said Ismail, reiterating his stance, adding that it was an undemocratic move on the Sindh government's part. 

Murtaza Wahab assumes charge as Karachi administrator

The newly appointed administrator of Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab assumed charge of his office on Friday [August 6].

"It is the city of lights. I will not sit in the office or at home, but will be working on the streets," he said after visiting the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation building.

“We will definitely give relief to the citizens. No institution in the world can function without financial stability. We need to achieve the target of tax and other collections,” he had said while talking to media persons.

"I will be briefed by all the departments from next week on what can be done to improve the situation and all the details will be shared." The KMC has served the city in the past and now It has to play its important role once again, he added.

“Any officer or other employee belonging to any political party has to fulfil its responsibility as we need to work together. I will not go into details of what happened in the past, I will just say that we will move towards for betterment from here," he added.

In July this year, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has told the PPP and Sindh government that it will resist any move to appoint Murtaza Wahab as the new Karachi administrator. PTI's Opposition leader Haleem Adil Sheikh said any move to appoint Wahab to the post will be met with stiff resistance.

"Wahab has a pretty good face but he is not capable of running the affairs of Karachi,” said Sheikh in a press statement. Sheikh advised the PPP leader to continue to defend the "ill practices" of the Sindh government by appearing in talk shows.

"Wahab, who obtained three times fewer votes than Governor Ismail in General Elections 2018, would not be allowed to run the affairs of Karachi," he added.