Friday, August 13, 2021
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Nazia Hassan sought divorce from Ishtiaq Baig after being fed up of his atrocities: brother

Nazia Hassan's ex-husband never contacted us even once about his son's welfare, alleges Zohaib Hassan

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A file photo of Zohaib and Nazia Hassan.
A file photo of Zohaib and Nazia Hassan. 

Nazia Hassan's brother and music collaborator, Zohaib Hassan, alleged Friday that the late pop icon had divorced her husband after being fed up of his atrocities against her. 

"I don't even want to take the name of Nazia Hassan's former husband," he said. "He accused me of living on Nazia's money. That is nonsense," he added. 

Zohaib said a UK court had refused to hand over custody of Nazia's son after her death to Ishtiaq, adding that he and his family were taking care of the boy. 

"Years have passed [since her demise]. Her son is with us and has completed his education," he added. 

Zohaib alleged the pop singer's former husband was lying when he said that he had borne expenses of the child's education. "He never contacted us, even once, about the child's welfare," he said. 

Zohaib said Ishtiaq can seek his son's custody from any UK court if he so wished. "I am Nazia Hassan's head of attorney now. I have to take care of all the decisions [related to her]," he added. 

'Nazia Hassan said she was treated badly by husband, wanted divorce'

A day earlier, Zohaib had said that in a statement recorded under oath in London, Nazia said that her then husband had "fed her something" harmful and treated her badly.

Talking to Geo News, Zohaib said that in a handwritten statement, attested by the Pakistan High Commission in London, Nazia had clearly written that she wanted a divorce.

Speaking of his interview with Samaa TV, Zohaib clarified that he had not in anyway accused Nazia's ex-husband of anything. "I did not level any allegations. These are things Nazia wrote herself," he said.

Zohaib explained that in the UK, when someone is not well enough to appear in court, a solicitor is appointed, to whom a statement is provided under oath.

The solicitor met Nazia and recorded a 10-page long testimony, Zohaib said.

"The testimony clearly states that the man had her eat or drink something and treated her very badly.

"We had not seen the court document earlier. I found it now because I was going through papers after my father passed away 10 months ago," the singer added.

"Whenever the day comes, of either Nazia's birthday or death anniversary, this man displays Nazia's medical records on TV and provides false information that the divorce did not occur. Such things deeply hurt my mother and our family," he said.

Zohaib said that under Sharia law, the man should refrain from talking about Nazia even, given that the two are divorced.

Nazia Hassan passed away in London at the age of 35 from lung cancer. 

Ishtiaq Baig responds to Zohaib's allegations

Zobaib was reacting to Ishtiaq Baig's accusations in response to earlier allegations by the former. Baig questioned why Zohaib was sharing his "story" 21 years after the pop singer's demise. 

Ishtiaq, speaking to Samaa TV, had said UK authorities had issued a certificate that attributed Nazia Hassan's cause of death to cancer, adding that till her death, she remained his wife. 

"Our problems started when Nazia gave up singing after marriage and due to that, Zohaib's career plummeted and he blames me for it," alleged Ishtiaq. 

Nazia Hassan's former husband said there was no truth to allegations that Zohaib was levelling against him. "I loved Nazia a lot and love her still," he said, adding that he had never married again after he because "I still miss her in my life".