Wednesday Jan 19 2022
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WATCH: Young men play 'ice cricket' in snow-covered lands of Indian Kashmir

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Screengrabs from the video
Screengrabs from the video

Cricket fever is the same no matter which corner of the world one finds themselves in, with the public managing to play the game anywhere and everywhere.

In a refreshing video shared by Pakistani singer-TV host Fakhar-e-Alam on Twitter, cricket fans can be seen playing a match at a breathtaking, snow-covered ground which is said to be located Indian Kashmir.

The video opens up to the stunning sight of some mountains covered in thick snow.

The young men playing cricket in the snow had even paved a pitch by spading the snow aside, and fixing the stumps.

One may think that running and playing cricket would be difficult in such weather and in the snow, but these young men looked surprisingly at ease in doing so.

Alam captioned the video with his desire to experience playing cricket in the snow with the same group, saying it looked like "so much fun" to him.

"I wanna play cricket here with these guys….this looks so much fun," Alam wrote.

While there was a debate on whether the group was playing in Indian Kashmir or somewhere in the northern areas of Pakistan, a journalist from Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK) based in Tehran, Zafar Mehdi, confirmed to Geo News that it is IOJK and the men in the video are speaking Kashmiri.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the video:

A user said "Ice cricket in the making. Might be an interesting take on the game of cricket actually!"

Another confirmed: "Yes, it's doable just like ice hockey".

While another Tweep said "fielding is toughest of all here. I'll be keeper."

Some users also declared the place to be in Indian Kashmir.

A user said, "Indian occupied Kashmir, if any one of you is wondering. All the more reason for you to stand up against the Indian colonialism."

One wrote, "this is the beauty of my kashmir and kashmiri people", while another said, "this is Kashmir on the Indian side".