Wednesday Jan 19 2022

Meet Sara Gul, Pakistan's first transgender doctor

A file photo of Dr Sara Gul
A file photo of Dr Sara Gul

KARACHI: Sara Gul has made history after becoming Pakistan's first transgender doctor in a society where transgender persons have been treated as outcasts.

Some like Gul, however, continue to fight the discrimination and become successful in chasing their dreams.

Sara studied at Jinnah Medical and Dental College, which is an affiliate institution of Karachi University.

"I feel proud to become the first transgender doctor of Pakistan," Sara said.

She said that she intends to use her profession for the welfare and prosperity of other transgender persons.

Pakistan's transgender person have time and again proved that they are no less than any other member of society and lack no talent, but only opportunities, resources and equal rights.

Nisha Rao, who is a lawyer and activist, had recently become Pakistan's first transgender student to have been granted admission into an MPhil programme to study law. She will be doing her LLM degree from the University of Karachi.