Tuesday Jan 25 2022
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Late Irrfan Khan never celebrated wife's birthday for THIS reason

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Late Irrfan Khan never celebrated wifes birthday THIS reason
Late Irrfan Khan never celebrated wife's birthday THIS reason

Irrfan Khan's wife Sutapa Sikander is recalling memories with late husband on her birthday.

Turning to her Instagram on Monday, Sutapa shared how the Life of Pi star did not like celebrating birthdays during all of their 32 years of togetherness.

"I finally forgive you irrfan for not remembering 28 birthdays out of 32 we spent together ..," she began, announcing that she has finally forgiven the late star for forgetting her birthdays.

"I did not sleep a wink night before my birthday ,walking tirelessly the endless lanes and by lanes of memories from getting angry stage to hurt stage to giving up stage and to finally happily accepting your philosophical reason of not celebrating and forgetting my birthdays at last," she added.

"And yesterday night I told you finally about the way I love celebrations and it was not about birthday but celebration I wanted to be with you. But yesterday Surprisingly babil and ayaan did not forget my birthday!! I suspect deeply that you whispered it in their dreams or else why did they conspire to celebrate," wrote Sutapa.

She continued: "Cheers Irrfan !! you I missed like never before as we celebrated my birthday by both of them you might not have believed in birthdays but you would be so happy to see them giving me soooo much of love!!#birthdaymom#rockstarboys"