Tuesday, February 08, 2022

Peshawar: Following instructions of fake aamil, pregnant woman hammers nail into her head

Woman's husband was pressurising her to give birth to boy after which she went to an aamil, say sources

  • "Woman had serious head injury and she was also pregnant," says doctor.
  • Woman was pressured by her husband to give birth to a son, sources say. 
  • CCPO Abbas Ahsan says that the police have taken notice of the matter and an investigation is underway.

PESHAWAR: A woman was severely injured after she hammered a nail into her head following the instructions of a fake aamil so that she could give birth to a boy, Geo News reported on Tuesday.

The injured woman was rushed to the Lady Reading Hospital where she underwent surgery to remove the nail from her skull.

According to the statement issued by the woman, the fake aamil asked her to hammer the nail into her skull as she wanted to have a son.

Dr Haider Suleman, the neurosurgeon treating her, told Geo News that the woman had a serious head injury, adding that she was also pregnant and in a lot of pain. 

According to the report, the woman was pressurised by her husband to give birth to a boy. The woman had three daughters and her husband threatened to divorce her and remarry if she failed to give birth to a boy.

The report further added that the woman underwent an ultrasound which revealed that she was about to give birth to a daughter again, after which she decided to visit the fake aamil as the last option. 

According to the senior superintendent of police (SSP) operations, the police have found the name of the woman and her husband through hospital records. However, there weren't any records of their CNIC numbers.

The SSP said that the couple resides in Peshawar and the police will trace them soon, adding that "an investigation team has been formed under SP city for the purpose."

He further said that the investigation is also being carried out with the help of CCTV footage from the hospital. "Police were not aware of the incident as no one lodged any complaint," he added.

The Capital City Police Peshawar (CCPO) Abbas Ahsan said that the victim support officers have been directed to meet the victim to counsel her and get details of the incident, adding that "a legal action will be taken against her husband and the culprits involved."

According to Psychologist Dr Uzma Ali, lack of education is the main reason behind these issues, adding that fraudulent peers and aamils should be arrested for taking advantage of helpless people.  

Dr Uzma further said that society should be made aware of gender-based issues and added that pressure plays an important part in making these kinds of decisions which includes societal norms and family's instance of giving birth to a boy so he could bring home income when he grows up. 

— Thumbnail image: Geo News screengrab