Wednesday May 25 2022

US exempts interview condition for some Pakistani visa applicants

USA and Pakistan flag —
USA and Pakistan flag —
  • US expands interview waiver eligibility for certain Pakistani applicants.
  • Programme available to Pakistani citizens who have previously held a US visa.
  • Some eligible visa holders may be requested to attend for interviews.

ISLAMABAD: Certain Pakistani applicants for a US visa are now eligible for an interview waiver, according to a statement by the US Mission to Pakistan.

This exemption applies to applicants of F (student) visas, J (exchange visitor) visas in academic programmes, H (temporary worker visas), and non-blanket L (intracompany transferee) visas. They are now eligible for interview waivers at the US Embassy in Islamabad and the US Consulate General in Karachi.

This programme is available to Pakistani citizens who have previously held a US visa. Expanding interview waiver eligibility in these categories will improve customer service and promote the effective and timely processing of visas for qualified Pakistani individuals, according to the statement by the US Embassy in Islamabad.

Following the submission of their applications, some eligible visa holders may, however, still be requested to attend interviews at the US Embassy or Consulate General, according to the statement.

New United States ambassador to Pakistan arrives in Islamabad

On Monday, new United States’ ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome, a career member of the senior foreign service with the rank of Minister-Counselor, arrived in Islamabad, US Embassy and Consulates in Pakistan confirmed.

“Ambassador Donald Blome began his assignment at the United States Embassy in Islamabad today,” said a statement issued by the embassy.