What austerity measures has government adopted?

Ayaz Akbar Yousafzai
Web Desk
Representative image. — Illustration by Shehreen Zuberi
Representative image. — Illustration by Shehreen Zuberi

In a bid to deal with the rising inflation in the country and to save the government's expenditure, the Centre has decided to adopt some austerity measures.

Here is a list of the measures that the government has adopted to control unnecessary expenditure:

  • Ban all government officials from making unnecessary foreign trips.
  • Ban on renovation and construction of all government offices.
  • Ban on purchase of government vehicles. 
  • Decrease in the quota of utility bills of government workers by 10%.
  • Ban on hi-tea, lunches, and dinners at government offices.
  • Ban on medical treatment abroad for government officials.
  • Withdrawal of vehicles or allowances from government employees.
  • The petrol quota of government officials and the cabinet slashed by 40%.
  • Work from home on Fridays. 
  • Street lights too run on alternate nights.
  • Government meetings to be held virtually.