Thursday Jun 16 2022

Girl allegedly drinks acid to avoid sexual assault

The picture shows crime scene tape. — AFP/File
The picture shows crime scene tape. — AFP/File 

  • Victim is being treated at a hospital. 
  • Police say girl had gone to food shop in search of job.
  • A group of five people, including two women, is involved in raping girls, say police. 

KHANPUR: A girl allegedly drank acid to avoid getting sexually assaulted in the Khanpur city of Punjab. 

According to the police, the victim has been shifted to a hospital in a critical condition where she is being treated. The police said that the girl had gone to a food shop in search of a job. 

The police said that a group of five people —  including two women — that is involved in raping girls is behind the crime. The suspects lure girls, who are in need of money, into getting jobs and later blackmail them and sexually assault them.

The victim said that there are many other girls who are not coming forward with their stories out of the fear of being "dishonoured" by society.

The police are investigating the matter after the victim's statement and are searching for the suspects.