Tuesday Aug 23 2022
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Team Muhafiz breaks the shackles of child labour in latest episode

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Team Muhafiz is back with a bang to rain hell on villains once again, with our favourite heroes taking a swing at the perpetrators of child labour this time. But we’ll get to that in a minute. There’s another interesting sub-plot developing within the series that promises much more.

Rawka is languishing in jail, broken both physically and mentally. We know from the previous episode that Seth Riz has abandoned his most cherished villain in favour of Addu Kankatta, who now occupies Rawka’s position as head of Karachi’s notorious criminal gang.

Rawka swears revenge against Seth Riz (without taking his name, though) which an eavesdropping Farman hears. Team Muhafiz’s captain pours Rawka a glass of water and tells him to spill the beans. “Josh se nahi, hosh se kaam lo,” he tells the villain. Sound advice, but we don’t know if Rawka will take it or not.

Team Muhafiz, on the other hand, are poking fun at Mahnur at a local tea dhaba in Karachi. A minor working at the dhaba accidentally spills tea on Parinaaz. He begs her forgiveness and she accepts it, inviting him to have tea with the team.

The boy, unknowingly, informs the team that his brother works at a factory where hundreds of children are employed. What’s worse is that these children are brutally beaten up by the factory owner and made to slave for hours on end. Team Muhafiz, heartbroken at the news, decides to embark on another mission.

The next scene takes us to the factory, where a small boy takes a much-needed break from work. When the unruly factory owner, ‘Maalik’, inquires why he isn’t working, the boy tells him he’s suffering from a fever. Maalik takes him by the hand and gets ready to give him a thrashing. Reza, however, appears out of nowhere and sounds his flute. It’s over, bad guys. Time to make a run for it.

Parinaaz, Reza, Mahnur, Aarya and Zane (helped by Badshah Khan’s excellent research work) arrive at the factory and whoop the bad guys once more, a scene we’re quite familiar with by now. As the police take the villains into custody, an Edhi van arrives to care for the child labourers and take them to safety.

All of a sudden, a chopper appears out of the sky for Team Muhafiz. Inside are seated Farman, Badshah Khan and another mysterious figure, clad in a dark grey suit and sporting sunglasses.

“Team Muhafiz, we need your help,” he says. Our heroes nod. The episode ends.

Has Rawka spilled the beans and turned on Seth Riz? Will our heroes finally uncover the truth and with it, another sinister plot in the making?