Sunday Sep 25 2022

Told team losing not an option, says PCB chair

Ramiz Raja, the PCB chairman. File photo
Ramiz Raja, the PCB chairman. File photo

KARACHI: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has said that he has told the national cricket team that losing is not an option for them because cricket is the only thing in the country that unites everyone.

Speaking at a ceremony in Karachi, Ramiz said that he can’t take it when the Pakistan team loses a game.

“I've told my team that we need to win. It's as simple as that because people want us to win all the time. So, if they lose, I just can't take it. I'm a bad loser,” Ramiz said at the ceremony to announce the PCB’s grassroots player development program.

The PCB chairman revealed how he reacts when he sees the Pakistan team losing.

“I feel like hitting people around me when I see Pakistan losing. I am a very terrible watcher actually. I get scolded at home because I offend everybody completely,” the chairman PCB added.

Later while talking to the media, the chairman reiterated that he has told the national team that losing is not an option for them because cricket is the only unifying factor in Pakistan.

“This is the only sport which contributes to bringing smiles back on people’s faces. It lifts your nation’s morale,” the PCB chairman said.

He emphasized that cricketers playing at the domestic level must be handsomely compensated and cared for if Pakistan wants to compete with the top cricketing nations in the world.

"Cricket is a profession, not just a time-pass game. It is a career. We want cricketers to focus on their game. Providing them with appropriate money is essential for this. We have increased the players' contract money and domestic match fees, which will increase the level of competition among them as well," he said.

He said that the PCB cannot stop players randomly from participating in foreign leagues. This is because everyone wants incentives, but at the same time, the board wants cricketers to ensure that they are fresh when the team has international commitments, he said.

“This is a catch-22 situation, but we will see how to go about it,” he concluded.