Monday, November 21, 2022
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PML-N refutes claims of 'conman' blaming Nawaz Sharif for Arshad Sharif murder, Imran Khan attack

Tasneem Haider Shah is a suspected fugitive in a murder case, police sources say

Tasneem Haider Shah speaking to the media. — Screengrab/Twitter video
Tasneem Haider Shah speaking to the media. — Screengrab/Twitter video

  • Marriyum Aurangzeb calls Tasneem Haider "PTI organiser in London".
  • Police sources says Shah fugitive in murder case.
  • Ata Tarar deems him fraudster.

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb Sunday denied Tasneem Haider Shah's claims of being a PML-N spokesperson in London calling the man a "PTI organiser in London".

According to a video shared on PTI's Twitter account, Shah made claims about his affiliation with the PML-N and revealed about some alleged meetings in July and October this year with supremo Nawaz Sharif regarding PTI Chairman Imran Khan's assassination.

Shah also claimed that the discussions in the party's meetings included killing journalist Arshad Sharif and Khan before the appointment of the new army chief.

In the video, Shah is further alleging that the PML-N supremo asked him to arrange shooters to gun down the PTI chief in Wazirabad, which he could not.

However, Marriyum refuted Shah's claims and has asked him to produce evidence before the joint investigation team (JIT) to back them up.

"Tasneem Haider has no association with the PML-N. If he has any evidence, then he should present them before the JIT's lawful forum," the minister said insisting that attention cannot be diverted from the journalist's "real murderers" through "fake news".

On the other hand, the PML-N's President in Britain Zubair Gul has also rejected the claims made by Shah.

"Tasneem Haider is not the PML-N's spokesperson at all. We will drag him into Britain's courts for his allegations. This drama has been plotted to divert attention from Arshad Sharif's real killers," Gul said, adding that the two men seated on Shah's left and right are PTI leaders and protest outside the PML-N supremo's house in London.

Shah included in probe: Punjab Govt

Commenting on the matter, Punjab Chief Minister's Advisor for Home Affairs Omar Sarfraz Cheema has said that Shah has been contacted and included in the investigation.

"After Tasneem Hiader's confessional statement, the PML-N's central, provincial and district leadership will also be probed," Cheema said informing about Punjab government's next steps in the case probing attack on Khan.

Spokesperson of the Punjab government and PTI member Musarrat Jamshed Cheema has expressed concerns at the shocking revelations made by Shah in the video.

"Characters behind the conspiracy to kill our leader through shooters have been revealed. We demand the judiciary to form a high-level commission for investigation," Jamshed Cheema said pointing at the PML-N.

Tarar connects Haider to Zulfi Bukhari

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Ata Tarar has shared Shah's photographs with PTI leader Zulfi Bukhari on his social media deeming him a "conman of the highest order".

"Apparently, this man looks like a fraudster. Never heard his name nor seen him. Some channels have declared him a spokesperson straightaway. Shame on you, there is a limit to lies," Tarar said reacting to Shah's claims.

He instead argued that Shah could be Zulfi Bukhari's spokesperson as he's usually seen in PTI's gatherings.

Responding to Tarar, PTI leader Bukhari denied being familiar with Shah.

"Overseas Pakistani have always treated me with respect. There were more than 1500 people in the event. I don't know this man," Bukhari said clarifying that the photo clearly shows that he was introduced to Shah just then.

"I will not stoop so low with dirty politics. What is more important is the fact that the man levelling allegations is speaking from Britain. It is impossible to get away after making false allegations," he said speaking on Shah's claims.

Bukhari insisted that the allegations are serious and investigation is necessary.

"If the allegations are false, then they [PML-N] should approach the British court," the PTI leader said.

Suspected fugitive murderer

Meanwhile, sources within Punjab Police have said that Shah is a suspected fugitive in a murder case.

The man who allegedly claims to be PML-N's spokesperson in London, according to documents is a suspect for a murder case in Gujrat's police station since May 15, 2004.

Sources added that Shah is suspected in a murder case in which 17 people were killed and he was nominated in the case during investigation.