Saturday, December 31, 2022

Sania Mirza takes a look back at 2022

Sania Mirza posts heartwarming pictures and a caption that resonates with fans hour before the New Year

Tennis star Sania Mirza poses in this undated photo. — Instagram/mirzasaniar
Tennis star Sania Mirza poses in this undated photo. — Instagram/mirzasaniar

Internationally renowned Tennis star Sania Mirza has once again graced our Instagram feeds with some heartwarming selfies, hours before 2022 comes to end.

Mirza who is adored by millions across the world is not only an ace athlete but also a fashion icon, who continues to enlighten our Instagram feeds with stunning pictures and selfies. 

What is particularly delightful about Mirza’s feed is that she never shies away from uploading pictures of her raw and unfiltered self, and features her family prominently in her posts.

Taking to the photo and video-sharing app, Mirza uploaded three pictures and a small farewell caption on New Year's Eve.

In the first selfie, she can be seen sitting in her car, wearing a black T-shirt, with an emerald green crossbody bag. On her wrist, she has a smart watch and two beaded bracelets. Mirza is posed with her hand on her cap which reads, “You can’t handle the truth”. Her cap is titled forward, hiding her eyes.

The next picture shows Sania looking stunning in a selfie with the no-makeup makeup look. The picture shows her reclining against a seat, wearing what looks like a sky-blue sweatshirt. Her face is parted gracefully to one side and she is looking directly at the camera in this glamourous click.

Her final photo shows Mirza with her four-year-old son, Izhaan Mirza Malik. The stunningly youthful tennis star and son are in a car. The picture is made especially heartwarming by the obvious adoration in Izhaan’s eyes as he hugs his mother and grins gleefully at the camera.

In this picture, she wore a white Nike T-shirt with the word “Fly” on it, while the adorable toddler is wearing a red shirt.

What is especially interesting in this post is the caption that accompanies the pictures. We think Mirza spoke for all of us when she wrote: “I don’t have a long and profound caption for 2022. But I have a few cute selfies. Happy New Year everyone.

“Ps: 2022 you really kicked my butt on some occasions but I’ve gotcha now.”

The three pictures together with the caption really resonated with her followers and had more than 55,000 likes in a matter of hours.

Fans flooded the comment section with love and praises, while many commented on how cute the mother-son duo looked. 

Mirza also uploaded a story showing her smartwatch. The time on the dial reads 15:42 and apparently shows the number of steps she has taken, along with the calories burnt during her latest workout session. She is also wearing the same bracelet as in her first picture in the post, along with black sweatpants.

A screengrab from Sania Mirzas Instagram story on New Years Eve. — Instagram/mirzasaniar
A screengrab from Sania Mirza's Instagram story on New Year's Eve. — Instagram/mirzasaniar

She captioned this story “finishing the year strong,” letting her fans know that the Tennis star doesn’t let festivities get in the way of fitness.