Wednesday, January 11, 2023
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'I was here with family,' says Moonis Elahi's friend after 4-day disappearance

Police present PML-Q leader's "missing" friend before Lahore High Court

Former federal minister Moonis Elahis friend Ahmed Faran Khan outside the Lahore High Court (LHC). — Screnegrab
Former federal minister Moonis Elahi's friend Ahmed Faran Khan outside the Lahore High Court (LHC). — Screnegrab
  • Moonis Elahi's friend abducted last week returns home.
  • Police present Faran Khan before LHC.
  • Faran Khan was missing since Saturday.

LAHORE: A friend of PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi who was “abducted” last week has reached home and presented before the Lahore High Court (LHC) today by the city's police chief.

He was dropped outside his home in the wee hours on Wednesday, Geo News reported, citing CCTV footage.

Ahmad Faran Khan went missing from Garden Town four days ago and according to Moonis Elahi, he was abducted by some unknown men riding black-coloured vehicles in Lahore.

Faran’s brother, Salman Zaheer Khan, had filed a habeas corpus petition at the LHC, alleging that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had kept him in illegal custody.

The petitioner had the view that his brother Faran was allegedly kidnapped by eight people on the evening of Jan 6 and it is feared that he was kidnapped by the federal government.

Taking notice of the incident, the LHC had directed FIA to recover PML-Q leader Moonis Elahi’s friend Faran Khan and present him before the court on Jan 10.

During the hearing, conducted by  Justice Alia Neelum, the FIA submitted that the agency had not arrested Faran nor he was in its custody.

The court then directed Lahore CCPO to recover Faran and present him before the court on Tuesday. However, the police sought more time to present him.

‘I was here with family’

Ahead of the LHC hearing today, Faran Khan, in response to queries, told journalists he was with his family.

“I was here with the family,” he said, when asked about his whereabouts in the past few days.

When questioned about an injury on his forehead, Faran Khan said, “It is due to my head hitting on a car's door."