Meet North Nazimabad's 'cool' Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar: 'I'm not a transgender, I'm a male'

Using 'woman' as derogatory term offensive to women not me, says Bangwar

Kiran Khan
Zainab Sabir Mir

The newly-appointed Assistant Commissioner of North Nazimbad Karachi, Hazim Bangwar, is going viral for the most exciting reasons.

Termed the “cool” assistant commissioner, the 29-year-old, with his colourful personality and eclectic tastes is like a breath of fresh air.

Taking to Twitter, Bangwar announced his appointment, stating: “North Nazimabad, it’s a privilege to serve you as your new Assistant Commissioner.”

Immediately, Twitter was in a frenzy. Bangwar is nothing one expects a bureaucrat in Pakistan to be like. As pictures of the singer/songwriter and assistant commissioner became viral, one could not but be impressed with his many talents and passions.

According to his website, Bangwar finished his first degree in Fashion Design and Marketing from AIU London and then pursued an LLB from a university in London.

He is also very fond of music and fashion and has worked with the likes of Jessie J, Future, Ciara, Juelz, T-Pain, Jason Derulo, and Nicki Minaj. In 2019, he released his first single titled "Haram" which became a hit in South Korea, Hungry, Egypt, and India, making Hazim the first Pakistani singer to reach the international charts with an English song.

Hazim then became the face of 3 major companies as an ambassador and in 2020, he released his second song "Hell Ya" which performed as well as the first. He released his first Urdu song in 2021 which earned him national recognition.

However, music and fashion are not the only passions the young AC has. One of his passion projects also includes his foundation, HBF, which aims to provide funds to education, environmental and animal welfare, and emergency response programs in Pakistan.

Bangwar has also worked for and supported numerous local and international non-profit organisations, such as WWF, SOS, Oceana, Amnesty International, Dar Ul Sakoon, Project Aware, and PETA.

His aim with his foundation is to ensure that it supports numerous diverse causes.

Twitter, of course, is divided over this AC, who does not fit the bill of a traditional AC.

Some seem to find his chic sense of fashion objectionable since it deviates from their idea of masculinity.

One user said "this guy is proving how our institutions have become a mockery. It's not about his profession or hobby that is to be criticized, it's about ruining the decency of the post. Either be a model or public official, not even the most liberal states, we see such satire!"

Others, however, have jumped to his defence.

One user wrote on Twitter: “You are better than the millions of fearful deluded government officers whose job is only to torment and trouble the people.”

Another tweeted: “Here is my 2 cent opinion on Hazim Bangwar apart from judging him on his looks & attire; it's better to judge him on his professional acumen, humility & his competence. The way this man qualified a competitive exam & grabbed this portfolio on merit is enough to judge him on it.”

Others still referred to his appointment as "refreshing" and were glad to see this positive change in Karachi. They believed that this appointment was good for the city and presented a “soft image” of Pakistan, which is believed in the international community to be against anyone who steps outside the box.

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab took to Twitter to laud Bangwar and wrote: "I've known Hazim for more than a year while he worked as UT officer in district Central & found him to be an efficient & compassionate officer. Saw his work during monsoon season & for our project 100 for parks restoration. People should be judged on work not their personal lives."

Whereas, DC Karachi Central Taha Saleem wrote: "Mr. Hazim Bangwar has been working in Central since Sept 2021, initially as AC-UT then as AC (Revenue) for almost 1-Year. He is a very hardworking & passionate officer. Recently, he got posted as AC North Nazimabad, the post he has earned through his hard work and dedication."

Speaking to Geo News, Bangwar responded to his critics saying, “you can judge me on my work. I’m a professional person. Whatever, I do in my personal life has no bearing on my professional one. Everything is open for all on my social media and there is nothing out of context.

However, if someone wants to take things out of context, they’re free to do so.”

When asked why he returned to Pakistan, having spent a large part of his life abroad and studying there too, he replied, “I felt that Pakistan needed me more. When I came here, I fell in love with the country. My aim is to serve people and that’s what I’ll do. Regardless of day or night.”

He also shared that his family did not fully support his endeavours in the country. “But I am not daunted. I am here to work. If anyone wants to make scandals, they can. I will continue to serve regardless.”