Monday, April 24, 2023

Elephant Noor Jehan buried at Karachi Zoo

Madhubala is at risk as she may have contracted the virus from Noor Jehan, says zoo administration

KARACHI: Seventeen-year-old elephant Noor Jehan was buried last night at Karachi Zoo after she died due to prolonged health issues exacerbated by reportedly a lack of care at the zoo. 

Noor Jehan's grave was measured to be 15 feet in depth, 14 feet in length and 12 feet in width, said a Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) spokesperson. Her grave was filled with four tonnes of lime and disinfectants. 

The spokesperson added that the elephant's body was lowered to the grave with the help of cranes.

After months of living in pain and neglect, Noor Jehan breathed her last at the Karachi Zoo on Saturday, as all efforts to get her back on her feet went in vain.

"The elephant was sick with a fever since yesterday. All-out efforts were made to save her," the administrator said in a statement about the animal who was suffering from several health issues for the last several days.

In her last days, Noor Jehan was pin-pricked by drips and regularly doused with water to cool her down.

Madhubala at risk

Meanwhile, the zoo administration said that the other elephant, Madhubala, is at risk as she could contract the virus from Noor Jehan as she had passed away due to a "dangerous virus". 

Karachi Zoo director Kanwar Ayub said that Madhubala's transfer to Safari Park has been postponed and several tests will be conducted for the elephant. 

Madhubala will be screened and her blood samples will be taken, added the director. Her samples will be sent to a laboratory in Lahore. 

Ayub said that the elephant will be shifted to Safari Park if her health reports are fine as the other two elephants — Sonia and Malika — may also be affected.