Meghan Markle shows signs of 'split persona' with 'Hollywood-style' speech

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Meghan Markle's speech at the NYC Gala is highly dramatised, says expert.

The Duchess of Sussex, who accepted the 'Women of Vision' award Tuesday night, is called out for using her Hollywood skills to deliver words on activism.

Face Whisperer Adrianne Carter said: "Meghan’s body language in the presentation clip is highly practised for her speech. We see her in full on professional speaker mode, confident and word perfect.

Mr Carter then went on to compare Meghan to a Hollywood star who does not back down from learning her lines.

"She looks very much like a Hollywood actress rather than a serious activist. Maybe a bit of a split persona going on for her?"

This comes after royal expert Kinsey Schofield commented on Prince Harry's attendance at the Gala as Meghan accepted the accolade.

Speaking exclusively to The Daily Star, expert Schofield said: "I think Prince Harry is obviously very proud of Meghan Markle. Meghan does seem to be trying to brand herself independently, but she wouldn’t have the Duchess title without her Duke!"