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Thursday Aug 06, 2015

Lyari gangster Baba Ladla killed in Balochistan: sources

Lyari gangster Baba Ladla killed in Balochistan: sources
QUETTA: Notorious Lyari gang leader, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla, has been killed in Balochistan, sources told Geo News on Thursday.

However, the killing of Baba Ladla has not yet been confirmed by the Balochistan government.

According to sources, the body of Baba Ladla has been taken into custody by the security forces.

The government had fixed head money of Rs2.5 million for Baba Ladla.

This is not the first time that reports of his death have surfaced as most Pakistani TV channels and media outlets reported his killing along with two of his Iranian friends near Pak-Iran border area of Jeevani in May last year.


Not a lot is known about the Lyari gangster, known for playing football with heads of his opponents. However, according to different sources Ladla joined Rehman Dakait’s gang-war group after failing to find a job.

“After he passed his class VIII exams in 1990, his uncle Hameed alias Chachu, who was a friend of the late Usman Ghani, a PPP leader, got him a clerical job at a bank on II Chundrigar Road,” said one of his profiles published on Express Tribune.

According to the report, over 50 murders, attempted murders, extortion and kidnapping cases were registered against him by the police.

In 2014, the Interpol had issued red warrants for Ladla along with Uzair Baloch – the chief of Ladla’s rival Lyari gang-war group. The warrants stated his date of birth as October 10, 1974 with no mentions about his profession.

He had fled to UAE and then to Iran following the launch of a major crackdown against criminals and terrorists in Karachi’s Lyari neighbourhood.

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