Five children among 8 killed in rocket launcher shell explosion in Sindh's Kandhkot

Interim CM Maqbool Baqar takes notice of incident, seeking detailed report from IG

Mukesh Rupeta

  • Five children killed in explosion in house.
  • Rocket launcher shell found on agricultural land by kids. 
  • Interim CM seeks detailed report of incident. 

Eight people, including five children, lost their lives while five others sustained injuries after a rocket launcher’s shell exploded in a house in Sindh's Kandhkot district on Wednesday. 

Kandhkhot Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Rohail Khoso said that the incident took place in a house in the Ghora Ghat of kutcha (riverine) area. 

According to the police, the preliminary investigation revealed that the rocket launcher was found by children on an agricultural land which they brought home — where it exploded. 

The rescue personnel shifted the bodies and injured people to the hospital as soon as the incident was reported, said the law enforcement agency, adding that an investigation into the matter has been started. 

Following the incident, Sindh caretaker Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar took notice of the event, seeking a detailed report from Inspector-General (IG) Dr Riffat Mukhtar.

The interim CM questioned how the rocket launcher reached the village. 

"Was any stock of weapons being smuggled to the kutcha areas? Are there facilitators of the dacoits present in the village? A detailed report should be submitted,” he said.