Sunday, November 26, 2023
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This simple 'coffee table trick' can boost your WiFi speed

The solution involves strategically relocating your router to a specific location

Web Desk
This simple coffee table trick can boost your WiFi speed. — USAToday
This simple 'coffee table trick' can boost your WiFi speed. — USAToday 

Isn't everyone with a phone or a laptop in a quest for faster Wi-Fi? Well, this might just be the perfect trick that can help you. An ingenious "coffee table trick" has surfaced, promising instant improvements without costing a penny. 

The solution, endorsed by experts at All Connect, involves strategically relocating your router to a central coffee table within your home. This move is intended to optimise the router's reach to various devices scattered throughout the household.

The rationale behind this tactic lies in ensuring the router's placement is both central and elevated, enhancing its coverage. Placing the router on a small coffee table strategically positioned in a central hallway or living space can significantly improve its efficiency. 

The key is to avoid situating the router too close to windows or in corners, as this may result in Wi-Fi signals leaking away from the home.

While the coffee table trick is a cost-effective solution, considerations must be made regarding the placement of other electronic devices nearby. 

Potential disruptors, such as baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, smart home gadgets, or even microwaves, can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, leading to slower internet speeds. 

To mitigate this, it is advised to keep the router in a dedicated space, free from potential signal-interfering clutter.

The effectiveness of this simple yet impactful strategy is dependent on your home's layout, emphasising the importance of centralising the router for optimal signal distribution. 

This innovative approach offers a practical and immediate solution for individuals grappling with sluggish Wi-Fi speeds, making the "coffee table trick" a worthwhile consideration for an enhanced internet experience.