Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Kylie Jenner spills on ‘normal’ security protocol for her children

Kylie Jenner shares two children, Stormi and Aire Webster with ex rapper Travis Scott

Kylie Jenner spills on ‘normal’ security protocol for her children

Kylie Jenner recently opened up about her two children’s security protocol in an interview with Jennifer Lawrence.

The 26-year-old model disclosed that she has two security guards on rotation for her five-year-old daughter Stormi and 21-month-old son Aire Webster, whom she shares with ex Travis Scott.

She shared the details when the Hunger Games star Jennifer asked Kylie how her kids react to having another person with them to which she replied.

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“Stormi is very familiar with them, which I feel comfortable with. She actually has a lot of love for them," said the Kylie Cosmetics mogul while recalling pregnancy at a young age.

"I didn't have security back then so I just tell my guards to not make it seem so serious, so that they can have a good relationship with the children," she added.

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The reality TV star went on to say: "I'm trying to figure it out too because I never had security growing up, so I don't know what that's like, but I try to make it as normal and friendly as possible."

Kylie claimed that she trains her children to be nice to their help, “It's probably better to say, 'Say good morning to Sean. Hi. How are you?' We've incorporated them more in our lives.”