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Will King Charles abdicate amid cancer diagnosis?

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer and recuperating at home

Will King Charles abdicate amid cancer diagnosis?
Will King Charles abdicate amid cancer diagnosis?

Ever since King Charles was diagnosed with cancer days after enlarged prostate surgery, questions and concerns started swirling surrounding the future of the monarchy.

Speculations were rife that King Charles will abdicate and follow in the footsteps of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. He will hand over the throne to his elder son and heir Prince William.

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Now, a royal history instructor at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Education, Carolyn Harris has also reflected on the abdication calls.

Recently, she told the USA Today that if an abdication were ever to occur, it would only be under extreme circumstances.

The royal expert said, “In Britain, you don’t see peaceful abdications.”

Harris believes that King Charles would have to be extremely ill before deciding to step down, given “the examples of his mother and father to keep calm and carry on.”

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“They will have had a huge impact on him to carry on with this until the end of his life”, Harris continued.

Meanwhile, royal experts also largely agree that King Charles will not abdicate the throne.