Monday, February 12, 2024

Kate Middleton, Prince William won't forgive Harry: 'It's very difficult'

Prince Harry failed to reconcile with Prince William and Kate Middleton during his recent visit

Kate Middleton, Prince William wont forgive Harry: Its very difficult
Kate Middleton, Prince William won't forgive Harry: 'It's very difficult'

TV presenter Nigel Farage has claimed that it would be very hard for the Royal Family specially Kate Middleton and Prince William to forgive Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for what they have done after moving to US.

Speaking to Daily Wire host Candace Owens on his GB News program, they discussed Prince Harry’s recent visit to UK following King Charles cancer diagnosis.

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The Duke of Sussex held a crucial meeting with his father King Charles, however, he did not meet Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Commenting on the snub by the Wales, Nigel Farage claimed: "It's very difficult for the Queen to forgive him. It's very difficult for William and Kate to forgive him, given the awful things he wrote about them in that book Spare.”

He continued, "I guess if he was to apologise, then forgiveness might follow. And certainly in this country, there was a kind of hope for reconciliation."

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However, Candace Owens and Nigel both alleged that basically Meghan Markle was using Harry. “She's using the fact that he's a British Prince and it's all about her."