X, formerly Twitter, 'restricted' in Pakistan for over 24 hours

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The new logo of Twitter is seen in this illustration taken, July 24, 2023. — Reuters
The new logo of Twitter is seen in this illustration taken, July 24, 2023. — Reuters

  • Microblogging site down again in less than 24 hours in Pakistan. 
  • Users face intermittent issues while accessing X since yesterday.
  • Country faces frequent instances of social media, internet outages. 

The popular social media site X, formerly known as Twitter, has reportedly been "restricted" in Pakistan for 24 hours, NetBlocks said on Sunday, as the users across the country faced hours-long inaccessibility of the platform. 

The microbloging site became inaccessible to hundreds of users, for the second time in a day, as intermittent issues while loading X had been reported since yesterday (Saturday).

The cyber security watchdog said: "metrics showed that X/Twitter has now been restricted in Pakistan for 24 hours", which according to NetBlocks was the longest in a series of countrywide internet outages. 

Earlier, Downdetector cited at least 16 reports of potential issues on X all over the country around 4:45pm, which later soared to 83 at some point.

— Downdetector
— Downdetector

As per the real time internet and social media outage and monitoring service, users on X were unable to view posts on the social media site as the message "this site can't be reached" appeared whenever they tried to load it.

The country has been facing frequent internet and social media site outages recently, especially for a couple of months during the ongoing situation in the wake of the general election 2024.

The netizens complained about their inability to connect to X for hours on Saturday night.

Moreover, the country witnessed disruptions on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, streaming giant YouTube, Google services as well as internet service provider PTCL last month.

Individually, X was hit by global outages in May, 2023, after huge number of complaints were been submitted by the users across the world.