Meghan Markle fears for her career amid reignited debate over her, Harry's royal title

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Meghan Markle reportedly concerned for her own career amid reignited debate over her and her husband, Prince Harry’s royal titles.

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, fears if Harry gives up his title, then it would have a major impact on her career aspirations, an expert has claimed.

Speaking on the matter, US journalist Lee Cohen told GB News’ Nana Akua that the Duchess of Sussex will never let Harry do anything that could harm her reputation or career.

The rumours began after Harry said during his interview with Good Morning America that the idea of pursuing US citizenship has crossed his mind. But US citizenship means giving up his royal titles.

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Cohen claimed that Meghan realizes the importance of the Royal titles and knows that they are a big reason she and Harry are still relevant in the US.

“I think that Harry will likely never pursue US citizenship”, he said. “Even though he expressed in the Good Morning America interview that this thought has crossed his mind.”

“Meghan was US born and able to accept her title through marriage, but the title conflict arises if one elects to go through the process of US citizenship application,” he added.

“Why would he jeopardise the only status? None of that makes Harry and his wife relevant and interesting. I don’t think that Meghan will let him do that in case it affects her own status.”