Police alert travellers of hidden AirTags on cars headed US from Canada

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Apple says it is not responsible for how AirTags are used. — Unsplash
Apple says it is not responsible for how AirTags are used. — Unsplash

Vermont police are urging residents returning from Canada to check their vehicles for hidden AirTags, as they believe these devices are being placed with the intention of stealing the vehicles, 9to5Mac reported.

"They could be identifying vehicles that could be stolen and shipped abroad as part of a car theft ring,” Ryan McLiverty a cyber analyst with the Vermont Intelligence Center, told local Vermont station WCAX.

According to McLiverty, Montreal criminals have been using AirTags to track cars, steal, and sell them. The vehicles may also be used to transport small amounts of drugs over the border, indicating a growing trend in such activities.

Common hiding spots for the trackers are under a car’s windshield wipers, in its front grille, or inside a vehicle that was left unlocked, PC Mag reported.

Canada's York Regional Police have previously reported five incidents since September 2021, where trackers were placed in vehicles for theft, marking the first time the device has been used to steal vehicles. 

Apple notifies iPhone users if it detects an unknown AirTag traveling with you. 

The company has also released an app for Android users that allows them to manually search for the trackers.

Earlier this month, a class-action lawsuit filed against Apple, alleged that the device has “become the weapon of choice of stalkers and abusers.”

Washington DC also issued the devices to some residents to assist in locating stolen vehicles and luggage faster, with successful use reported multiple times. 

Apple has argued it is not responsible for how AirTags are used.