Do you need to get solar eclipse glasses for your pets?

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Your pets may also need Solar Eclipse glasses. — AFP/File
Your pets may also need Solar Eclipse glasses. — AFP/File

Earthlings are eagerly waiting for the upcoming total solar eclipse on April 8th and are preparing to witness the rare celestial event.

People are getting their hands on solar eclipse glasses as many experts have stressed precaution for the protection of your eye while watching the solar eclipse.

However, since all eyes need to be protected, does that precaution include the eyes of pets?

Dr Jeffery Walline, who is the Associate Dean for Research at The Ohio State University College of Optometry, says it is not necessary to get your pets solar eclipse glasses, ABC News reported.

"Pets aren’t curious about the eclipse, so they're not more likely to look at the sun on a day of the eclipse than they are on any other day, so I don’t think we need to get eclipse glasses for our dogs or put them inside. They should be fine through the eclipse," Dr Walline said.

However, scientists are looking forward to study animals during the total  eclipse.

Additionally zoos across the path of totality plan to document their animals' behaviour as day suddenly turns to night.