Zendaya gushes over Beyonce amid 'Challengers' release

Zendaya shared exciting details about steamy scene from new movie and spoke highly of Beyoncé

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Photo: Zendaya gushes over Beyonce amid Challengers release
Photo: Zendaya gushes over Beyonce amid 'Challengers' release

Zendaya, who is starred in 'Netflix'’s hit show 'Euphoria,' seemingly looks up to the musician Beyonce.

Appearing for a confessional to promote her upcoming movie, 'Challengers', Zendaya mentioned Beyonce twice.

Recalling the steamy kiss scene between her character Tashi Duncan and her two lovers, the acting sensation shared that she only remembers it because of Beyoncé.

Quoting Beyonce’s 2022 track, she shared, “The only reason I really remember is because Beyoncé came out with ‘Break My Soul’ that day.”

“I was having a great day, like, ‘Y’all. Beyoncé’s single just dropped.’ That’s what I was focused on, to be honest,” she joked.

Later in this chat, Tom Holland’s girlfriend commented on playing a Black Woman by saying, “It’s more exclusive to Tashi. I don’t know if I necessarily personally connected.”

She also established, “But I do know, being the kind of woman that she is, it would be difficult to be reduced and never called anything else but his wife, “adding, “She’s his coach, and she’s constantly reminding people of that.”

Nonetheless, she referred to Run The World hitmaker again and declared, “In the words of Beyoncé, don’t get it twisted, right? That’s true of a lot of women in power,” noting, “Especially Black women in power,” after which she jumped to a new topic.