Kendrick Lamar remains mum as producer speaks out

Mustard opens up about the song he produced for Kendrick Lamar that is topping the charts

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Kendrick Lamar remains mum as producer speaks out

Not Like Us is topping the charts as it was aimed at Drake, but its rapper Kendrick Lamar remained silent on the success. But, the track's producer, Mustard, weighed in.

Taking to social media, he said, "Sometimes you really gotta pop out and show n#####!!!!. "To thinkā€¦ They really fronted on me and acted like I'm not who I am! I'm thankful but not surprised."

He continued, "I never lost sight and stayed down. With my back against the wall is where I thrive. Summer started last week according to me!! See ya sooner than you think! cc: @kendricklamar city back up!!!"

Billboard was not the only chart Kendrick was dominating. On Spotify, the Compton rap star overtook his rival Drake Girls Wants Girls to become the most streamed hip-hop song in a day.

Cultural critic Joe Budden likewise handed the victory to the DNA rapper, stating, "I think he won this off skill. He was much better than Drake the whole way," noting, "If I'm battling you, I need to have my options ready for all the variables; Drake didn't."

"And if you feel that way, then when I was telling you to stop saying that I'm outside looking for the ***** that saying he been outside."