Padma Lakshmi talks daughter's strict parenting: 'She's got so many opinions'

Padma Lakshmi breaks down her strict parenting choices for daughter Krishna

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Padma Lakshmi talks daughter's strict parenting: 'She's got so many opinions'

Padma Lakshmi finally sheds some light into her parenting choices for daughter Krishna.

She weighed in on everything during a candid interview with People magazine.

The conversation took place during the Gold Gala and featured some candid takes about her parenting style.

“I think any parent will be able to identify with what we're doing,” she began the conversation by noting.

“It wasn't some conscious thing. We were just sitting on the couch talking like, 'Oh that's funny. This is funny'. And so I just said, 'Let's tape it,' and we just chopped it up. It's just an experiment. It's fun to watch your children grow and become who they're going to be.”

This has come after similar admissions were made in past interviews. At the time Lakshmi admitted she struggled with the attention her daughter got as well as her candid attitude towards answers.

After all, “She has so many opinions. I don't think she's unlike most teenagers; she may be a little more precocious, perhaps.”

She also admitted that she works hard to keep her daughter off social media as well, despite showcasing her every now and again on her own platform.

There are also other aspects where Lakshmi admits she’s more strict and admitted, “I'm strict about some things and I'm not that strict about other things that I probably should be stricter about like bedtime [as] she's 14,”

“But I was very strict was about making sure she ate a very good diet the first four, five years of her life, and I will not abide by her being disrespectful to adults.”

“She's not [disrespectful], but that's where our Asian culture shows itself is in things like that — respecting our traditions like taking your shoes off before you come in the house, and calling elders uncle and auntie,” she also added before signing off.