Dan Schneider responds to allegations of preying on Lori Beth Denberg

Dan Schneider reacts to allegations made against him by a former Nickelodeon colleague

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Dan Schneider responds to allegations of preying on 'All That' alum Lori Beth Denberg

Nickelodeon producer Dan Schneider has rubbished the allegations of preying on All That cast member Lori Beth, who claimed that Schneider preyed on her during their time working together.

In response, Schneider has refuted the allegations, describing them as 'wildly exaggerated' and, 'in most cases, false.' He addressed the issue in a statement to E! News on Tuesday, acknowledging past mistakes in leadership but maintaining his innocence regarding the specific allegations made by Denberg.

"While I have acknowledged errors in judgment from earlier in my career, particularly in leadership roles, I must emphasise that I cannot apologize for actions I did not commit," Schneider stated.

Regarding the specific incident described by Denberg, Schneider firmly denied any wrongdoing, emphasising the need for accuracy and fairness in assessing his conduct. He asserted that while criticism of his managerial style is valid, it is unjust to equate him with individuals involved in criminal behavior.

"If there were instances where I displayed poor judgment with regards to Lori Beth, I offer a sincere apology. However, I cannot take responsibility for actions that did not occur," he added.

Schneider also expressed skepticism about the timing of the allegations, noting their emergence shortly after he filed a defamation lawsuit against another party. He questioned the motivations behind these accusations, particularly given the context of ongoing legal proceedings.

Denberg's allegations surfaced during an interview with Business Insider, where she recounted an incident from 1995 involving Schneider showing her explicit content on his computer during a meeting on her 19th birthday and initiated phone sex during their time on the show.