Emily Osment warns 'Young Sheldon' finale will 'break hearts'

Emily Osment played the role of Many McAllister in three seasons of 'Young Sheldon'

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Emily Osment warns 'Young Sheldon' finale will 'break hearts'

Emily Osment issued an early warning to Young Sheldon fans.

As the Big Bang Theory prequel will be premiering its finale episode this Thursday, the recent episode finally showed Sheldon’s father George Cooper’s death (played by Lance Barber).

While the Chuck Lorre production had already shown that the dad had died when Sheldon, played by Ian Armitage, was only 14 years-old, the beloved character’s death still left many fans heartbroken, and it’s about to get worse.

Emily Osment, who has played Mandy McAllister on the show for three seasons, gave a heads up to viewers and told PEOPLE, “I can't wait for what's next, but I definitely want to give [Young] Sheldon its due. The finale is going to truly break your heart. Make sure you're sitting down and you have Kleenex."

The actress’ comment comes after CBS greenlighted Young Sheldon spin-off series Georgie and Mandy’s First Marriage, alongside Montana Jordan who will be reprising his role as George Jr. Cooper.

“We’re going to be on the Big Bang stage, which is really special for us. A lot of good vibes on that set,” Emily revealed previously in an interview with US Weekly.