Matthew Perry's death still under investigation; Here's why

In December, 2023, LA officers confirmed that Matthew Perry died of acute effects of ketamine

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Matthew Perry's death still under investigation; Here's why

Matthew Perry’s death was caused by ketamine provided to him by a person still unknown to the police.

In December, 2023, the LA County Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed that the Friends alum died of acute effects of ketamine, listing the manner of death as “accidental.”

Matthew, who was reportedly 19 months sober, was on “ketamine infusion therapy” and got his last treatment around 10 days before his death, according to the autopsy report.

Now, nearly six months after his passing, the investigators are still searching for the source of the toxic drug found in Matthew’s body and who supplied him with it.

Sources inside the law enforcement also shared that he was found with enough ketamine in his body which equates to general anesthesia to surgical patients.

Recently, Courtney Cox, who played Matthew’s wife Monica Geller in the hit sitcom, told CBS Sunday Morning that she feels “his spirit” around her.

“I’m so thankful I got to work so closely with him for so many years. He visits me a lot, if we believe in that. I talk to my mom, my dad, Matthew. I feel like there are a lot of people that, I think, guide us,” she said in the emotional interview.