How to make 'Charmed' reunion possible?

Shannen Doherty guides fans on how to bring 'Charmed' reunion into a reality

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How to make 'Charmed' reunion possible?

After nearly two decades, Shannen Doherty is sharing tips on how to pressure the network to do the reunion of Charmed.

On her podcast, the 53-year-old said, "So the way that it works is that as actors, unless we wrote the show, created it, and produced it, we have no rights to it."

Adding, "I believe CBS owns the show. The only person or company that can make a reunion happen is CBS."

Shannen says fans should double down on efforts to let the studio know the demand for the reunion.

"So if you guys really want one you have to bombard their Instagram, [CBS'] Facebook, write mail. I don't even know how to do any of that, but that's the only way," she added. "You know, do some petitions and send them in. That's pretty much the only way that it would happen."

Elsewhere on the podcast, she said she would pass on the chance to appear in the series finale because the thought of returning to the set "would've crushed me."

Expressing her views, the actress said, "I regret it one sense, I regret it for the fans," adding, "But I don't regret it for me, because I was so incredibly wrecked from getting fired that."

'I think, even years — years — years later, had I walked on that set, it just would've stirred everything back up for me. And it would've crushed me all over again."