Chris Pratt reveals his 'sarcastic laziness' landed him 'Garfield' role

Chris Pratt voiced the character of Garfield in the latest film, 'The Garfield Movie'

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Chris Pratt reveals his sarcastic laziness landed him Garfield role
Chris Pratt reveals his 'sarcastic laziness' landed him 'Garfield' role

Chris Pratt just revealed how he got into character to voice the character of Garfield for the latest movie.

The 44-year-old actor who voices the famous character in The Garfield Movie, had an exclusive conversation with MovieWeb about taking on the role.

Pratt’s role as Garfield comes almost 20 years after Bill Murray first voiced the lazy orange cat in 2004’s Garfield: The Movie.

When asked if he was nervous taking on the role, Pratt responded, "Well, of course, he's the GOAT. He's on my comedy Mount Rushmore.”

He continued, "I would have [been nervous], but [director Mark Dindal] very early on let me know that his vision for the sound of this character, the voice that he's always heard coming out of this animation he's been working on for years before I even met him, was my voice.”

"He said, 'I want him to sound like you. You've got a natural sarcastic sort of laziness about your voice that really works for this character,'” Pratt added.

"And I thought, well damn, that makes it look easy. That's easy — I'm not coming in and trying to do anything other than just be myself and breathe my own spirit into the role," Chris Pratt concluded.